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Camping - The new world outside your door

In a time when it is hard to escape from the day-to-day bustle of urban life, many groups like to have small holidays in the great outdoors. Camping is the practise of staying outdoors for a break and recreation.

Camping is usually done at an official campsite, where the campers usually pay a small fee to use grounds that are preserved especially. These sites are preferable as they will have some security and amenities, though some people prefer to be more secluded. The only problem is that camping in areas that are not designated for camping can cause problems with the law. Many land owners do not wish campers to be on their property and some nature reserves prohibit camping due to damage it can cause to the environment. Most campers sleep in tents which are usually made from a waterproof material like nylon. They can be erected almost anywhere and can be carried in a small bag so that campers do not have to use a vehicle. Campers will also bring a sleeping bag and various accessories like torches, portable stoves, knives, food, etc. Some prefer to make a camp fire but this must be done very carefully and is prohibited at some sites.

A large van called an RV in employed by many campers, or more commonly in the UK a caravan is attached to a car. Both of these serve as basic mobile homes, with beds, gas and sometimes electricity. These make it feasible to camp in more remote places but many feel that they detract from the feeling of being in nature. Regardless of the way that campers travel and camp, a good knowledge of the great outdoors such as map reading and first aid. With a good site and the right equipment camping can be really good fun for the whole family and a great way to escape the rat race without going abroad. Camping is relatively inexpensive, often nostalgic, and gives campers a chance to really appreciate their natural world.

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