Caravan Safari

Caravan Safari - African Safari Trips A Taste of Wild and Romantic African Adventure

Safari is an East African tradition and means to travel or journey. An African safari is a popular trip that has been undertaken for centuries by both Africans and other nations visiting Africa. The most enduring image of safari is the British explorer in his white hat and shorts, hunting for big game in the wilds of Africa. Africa is a very popular destination due to beautiful terrain and varied wildlife. African safari began centuries ago with Arabs and Swahilis making long voyages into mainland Africa to do trade with other markets. The word became synonymous with the Caravan Safaris, hunting, and the sense of adventure. The traders brought ivory, supplies and slaves. Thankfully British control put an end to the slavery.

The British soon brought people from all over the world looking for Safari adventure. What really attracted them was Africa s wildlife, which still does today. Some people wanted to observe and study the amazing African animals, while others wanted to hunt them. Needless to say, soon it became necessary to establish an ethical and legal code protecting the animal population from over hunting. Today hunting is very strictly regulated to protect the animals. Many western explorers gained massive fame and their tales of Africa started the trend that still goes on today. They told romantic stories of the freedom and beauty of Africa, as well as serious tales of the dangers that face explorers. Drought, wild animals, disease and hostile tribes are dangers that still exist today and so the modern safari will be equipped very well and with caution. A safari trip that is unprepared for disaster could run into very serious, possibly fatal, trouble. Safari trips to Africa are easy to find and book. They usually start by taking you to a lodge where there are observation decks, entertainment, bars and beds. These lodges act as a starting point for the convoys of vehicles that will take you across the land and into game territory. Just like in the past, many safaris have a native African guide who adds his knowledge of the terrain and survival skills.

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