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Research your prospective employers prior to contacting them about a job. Ask pertinent questions relating to the company and the specific job you seek. If possible, speak with some people already employed in the position you seek. Know what skills they seek from the person they will hire for the job you want. Use the answers to your questions to customize your career documents and resumes to match the needs of your prospective employers.

Your career documents include copies of your school diplomas or training certificates, letters of recommendation and professional references, membership verifications to industry or vocational associations, maybe copies or samples of reports or products relating directly to the job, and lastly - your cover letter and resume - if necessary, several versions of your cover letter and resume, customized to each employer's needs.

Your resume should be customized to match the employer with which you are seeking employment. Entries on your resume should be tuned to match the needs of, and become the solution to, the issues faced daily in the job that you seek. Do that to your resume and your resume presents your skills as the employer's solution. Your resume will help you stand out from the crowd.

Distribute your resume to specific employer prospects, don't just post your resume to a few job post web sites, or mail a few copies to some employers and hope for the best. Reach out to specific employers. Identify which employers offer the best career choices for you. Do the research. Things change, so you want to make the right job choice. For instance, some restaurant franchise operators will offer fast advancement to a certain level, but careers languish and fade after a time when advancement doesn't continue because you've reached near the top of their small organization. Don't take the first job that comes along. Plan where to send your resume.

Plan for the job interviews too. Don't expect you'll walk into the job interview location and just ace the first contact without advanced preparation. Anticipate what questions will be asked that pertain to the vocation you seek. Have an answer for those questions. Then practice delivering your answers. Imagine how confident you will seem when you deliver answers thoroughly and directly, because you practiced your job interview first.

These primary five areas of restaurant and hospitality hiring, influence the career process in their industry. By working those five attributes in unison, the attributes combine to help serious industry professionals to establish and advance their Restaurant and Hospitality careers.

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