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Residential Caravan

Buying any home can prove to be very expensive. A cheaper alternative is to purchase your own holiday home and site on a caravan touring park. Buying a luxury mobile homes or static caravans could be the answer to your dreams. Ideally situated, these luxury holiday homes have all the modern amenities of a comfortable family home.

The caravans can be customised to suit your requirements. You can even have decking built around the caravan to enjoy the long Summer evenings! Whatever word you choose, you can be assured of the quality of product manufactured to British Standards.

The word 'CARAVAN' means different things to people - quite often a definition influenced by a past experience. It is our aim  to bring you up-to-date with the Caravan Industry of today, an Industry more than ready to meet the new Millennium and exceed your expectations.

Think how much your home lifestyle has changed in the past 30 years. Most people now expect that they will have what used to be considered as a luxury as a standard feature in their home. They enjoy their everyday use and would miss these features if they weren't available while they are on holiday or if they moved to another home.

The Environment Department will issue a site licence to the owner of the site once the appropriate Planning Permission has been granted.  Conditions will be attached to the licence to regulate the use, safety and maintenance of the site.   These conditions will be done in accordance with the Model Standards issued by the Secretary of State and cover the following areas:

  • Maintenance and safety of roads and footpaths
  • Hard standings to caravans
  • Fire fighting equipment, fire points and emergency telephones
  • Fire hazards 
  • Safety and maintenance of electrical installations
  • Water supply
  • Drainage, sanitation and washing facilities
  • Car parking and recreational areas
  • Storage of liquefied petroleum gas
  • Type and condition of caravans

The Local Authority will fully inspect the site annually to ensure the site is run in accordance with the conditions laid down on the site licence and will seek to rectify any areas which are not fully in compliance with the site licence conditions laid down.

Few industries can boast, as the Caravan Industry can, how they have kept up with the changes in choice, luxury, comfort and safety to offer the variety of lifestyle available today. There are some who believe it to be so good that they perhaps should be called something other than caravans.  

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